Archisinal x Polimec Meet Up: CDMX

April 11, 2024

On 11th April, Archisinal hosted the third in a series of LATAM meet-ups in Mexico City. Ahead of the planned token launch on the decentralised launchpad, Polimec, Archisinal invited members of the Mexican web3 community for an evening of pizza, beer and discussion around decentralised fundraising and governance.

One of the main unresolved obstacles to innovation and growth in fundraising is the efficient allocation of capital. To achieve capital efficiency during fundraising, all stakeholder incentives must be aligned. Fundraising possibilities as of today are still highly trust-based, centralised, dominated by opaque and inefficient procedures, and limited to the network of projects and/or intermediaries.

Polimec is a decentralised community-driven funding protocol developed on Polkadot to accelerate the web3 ecosystem. The open-source and module-based blockchain system facilitates fundraising in a regulatory compliant and sustainable manner using on-chain credentials. Polimec provides an automated framework for projects to raise funds within a broad and diverse community with transparent and fair access for all. The protocol provides access to fundraising and governs the issuance, distribution, and conversion of tokens to mainnet.

Tim Hodgson - Founder, Archisinal


Tom Humber - Founder, Archisinal

Armando/Eric - Polimec Ambassadors

RobinHODL - vStreet Founder, Building on VARA

Special Mentions:
Edgar - Translator/Photographer

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