Our Mission

We are committed to driving transparent data exchange in construction.

We are a team of innovators and collaborators and have a clear vision for how we can achieve a fair and transparent AEC industry.

What Is Our Focus?

Archisinal’s focus is to enable developers and collaborating parties to easily monitor and interact with Real-World Assets (RWAs) with full transparency, aiding accountability, transparency and dispute resolution in the Built Environment.

What Are We Building?

Archisinal is building a transparent data dashboard and validation system, hosted under one roof. This reduces fragmentation by standardising project data and providing a transparent record of project activity that can be queried at any time.

What Can This Achieve?

By hosting all pertinent project data and sign-offs in one location, blockchain infrastructure will provide an immutable ledger of events, saving large amounts of time and costs for developers. This project uses blockchain technology to minimise the amount of time spent on non-optimal practices in AEC.

Where Are We Now?

The current Minimum Viable Product (MVP) leverages smart contract functionality and provides construction and design professionals with a platform to showcase and sell their designs as unique digital assets, accruing tokens passively from secondary sales.

Where Are We Going?

Looking beyond the MVP, the primary focus for Archisinal is to explore and integrate solutions that promote fair, transparent, accountable actions and commerce in AEC. By implementing creator staking mechanisms, on-chain project validation and sign off with arbitration built off a token-based decentralised decision making, Archisinal will offer an enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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