Archisinal x Hash House Medellin

April 1, 2024

On 1st April, Archisinal hosted the second community building event in LATAM. Collaborating with Hash House, the home of web3 in Medellin, the Archisinal team unveiled the latest iteration of their MVP. In collaboration with UK architect Will Garner, Hash House was transformed into an art gallery of AI generated architectural artwork.

Will leads an AI-Powered Design & Creative Direction company. Their expertise is reflected in services including; AI Ideation & Creative Design Direction, AI Workshops & Training, AI Research and Custom Model Training. Prestigious clients on their roster include Precht and Tekuma Frenchman.

Will has been privileged to deliver talks at esteemed organizations such as Fosters + Partners and Architech.Network. His influence extends to a community of over 50,000 on Instagram.

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